Contact information:

Natural Chinese Martial Arts & Qigong of NJ
c/o Sal Canzonieri
- Instructor
PO Box 294
Whippany NJ
07981 USA

Phone:    +973 599 9640

Natural Chinese Martial Arts

We feature instruction based on over 30 years worth of research information about Chinese Martial Arts & Qigong - Kung Fu boxing, such as it's long 5,000 years worth of history; instruction and how and why information on the various styles, such as Shaolin Quan, Taizu (Tai Tzu ) Chang Quan - Long Fist, Shuai Jiao, Tong Bei Quan, Yue Shi Ba Fan Shou, Tai Ji Quan, Xin and Xing Yi Quan, Ba Gua Zhang, and more; research information; efficient and effective core Body Mechanics; applications; etc.

Natural Chinese Martial Arts is traditional body mechanics, postures, techniques, training methods, and so on that is based on the ancient and original ways of making martial arts more efficient and effective.

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