An Introduction - Background Information on Chinese Martial Arts basics and foundational material:

The following videos show the basic and foundational material practiced in the Introductory Level that must be mastered before entering Level One. (Videos are for visual EXAMPLES)

Some of the main ideas to master are: evade incoming attacks; use whole body movement; and use relaxed energy for strength and speed.

Basic Boxing / Kick Boxing / Kempo / Shaolin Fundamental Training Drills

1. Falling Techniques

2. Punching and Kicking Techniques

Whole Body Movement - Boxing Bob & Weave:

Whole Body Movement - Boxing Footwork Drills:

Whole Body Movement - Jab, Cross, Hook, Uppercut and Straight Line Strikes:

Kicking Techniques:

3. Internal Chinese Martial Arts Evading and Leading Techniques

Whole Body Movement - Shaolin Evasion, Boxing, and Joint Locking:

4. Internal Chinese Martial Arts Dodging and Leading Techniques

5. Internal Chinese Martial Arts Uprooting Techniques

6. Relaxing Energy for Power and Speed Techniques


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